Dr Blathnaid Carlin


Dr. Bláthnaid Carlin is a mother, wife, eco-campaigner, podcaster, TEDx Speaker, GP and Inspirational doctor of the year winner 2022. 

Blathnaid is passionate about equality and celebrating diversity. She is also active and fervent in the fight against climate change.

 “I have always had an interest in the climate but when I became a mum 6 years ago, the urgency of the impending climate crisis became a much higher priority on my radar. The more research I did on climate, the more responsibility I felt. Not just as a human and mother but also as a doctor too. When considering the Hippocratic oath-to do good and to do no harm-I felt that not only applied to the patients sitting in front of me but to future generations too.”

Bláthnaid subsequently started a blog on Facebook called ‘365 Ways to Save the Earth’ which gives simple hints and tips on how to make small changes in our every day lives and homes to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. After eco-blogging for a year now she received congratulations from Sir David Attenborough for her blog commitment.

Bláthnaid is now RCGPNI climate and sustainability lead and strives to continuing spreading knowledge of the health implications of the climate crisis.