Dr Lavan Baskaran


Dr Lavan Baskaran has been working as a doctor for the U.K National Health Service for 15 years. He has been a GP Senior Partner for almost a decade, and whilst running both his practices in South London, covering twenty thousand patients, has developed specialist interests in Diabetes, E.N.T, Minor Surgery, Transgender Health and A.D.H.D. He offers his strategic input through Clinical Director roles across a number of practices in his areas of Sutton and Croydon, but now focuses his time on developing his private clinic and YouTube channel for patient health education. Despite being very medically focussed and always applying evidence-based medicine in his practice, Dr Baskaran is a huge advocate of lifestyle medicine, consulting patients about the importance of a positive mindset, with application of improved diet and increased exercise, before reaching for pills. Having setup Social Prescribing across Sutton, he now spends time using aspects of this to empower the patient through their journey of chronic disease, leading to better health outcomes.