At RCGP: A Vision for the Future of General Practice we considered together how best to overcome the challenges we collectively face to enable GPs to continue providing the highest standards of patient care. Plus, we explored the future model of general practice, ensuring the GP workforce can work sustainably with the support of the wider primary care team.

Plenary 1

Maintaining and improving access

08:55 | Welcome

09:00 | The future ‘front door’ to general practice

The Covid-19 pandemic helped to transform the operating model of general practice practically overnight. A sustained increase in demand for GP services has meant that some of these changes have remained to some extent. Some other changes were already in the pipeline but have been accelerated over the last couple of years, such as use of online ‘triage’ tools. 

Patients are increasingly voicing their frustration about the ‘front door’ and the experience they have while trying to book an appointment. Even if patients are being seen quickly and effectively, this can be overshadowed by their reported experience in getting there.  Speakers will talk about what they think the future ‘front door’ should look like, and what we might need to get there.

Dr Gary HowsamVice Chair, External Affairs, RCGP

9:20 | How can we retain more GPs in the profession?

Retention of the GP workforce is one of the biggest challenges facing general practice. Although we are seeing more GPs going into training, more GPs are choosing to exit. RCGP is working to lobby government to further invest in GP retention initiatives and to improve the daily working lives of GPs. 

This session will run through ongoing policy work on retention and we will hear examples of those trying to tackle it on the ground.

Plenary 2

Managing the multi-morbid patient with renal disease

10:05 | Managing the Multi-Morbid patient with Renal Disease

This is a promotional symposium sponsored and organised by AstraZeneca

Coffee break and networking

Plenary 3

Broadening diversity and inclusion in general practice

10:45 | IMG voices - how we can best support them and help them thrive

Trainees are essential to the future of general practice, and IMGs currently make up over 40% of GP trainees across the UK. Dr Oninye Okonkwo, Dr Uwadiae Ima-Edomwonyi and Dr Ifechi Oguanuo will each share their experiences and talk about programmes/initiatives that have worked well in terms of bringing in IMGs and supporting them.

Chair:  Dr Michael Mulholland Honorary Secretary, RCGP

11:00 | Forward-facing LGBTQ Health: understanding and addressing contemporary needs of the queer community

In this session we will briefly introduce the topic of health inequalities facing LGBTQ communities and highlight contemporary issues and needs that affect the health of this community. We will also propose some considerations to drive development of inclusive policy and practice for the future.

Chair:  Dr Michael Mulholland Honorary Secretary, RCGP

Plenary 4

Chair's Address

11:45 | Chair's address

12:25 | Adults with symptomatic chronic heart failure: an overview of current management

Helena MastersHeart Failure Nurse Specialist and Medical Educator, Boehringer Ingelheim

This promotional symposium session is developed and funded by the Boehringer Ingelheim and Lilly Alliance for UK HCPs only.

Boehringer Ingelheim and Lilly Alliance products will be discussed at this meeting.

Boehringer Ingelheim and Lilly Alliance has provided funding towards this independent Programme. The Alliance has had no editorial input into or influence on the agenda, content of this meeting including the selection of speakers, except for the Alliance promotional sponsored symposia

NP-GB-103358 | October 2022

Lunch break and networking

Plenary 5

Making your voice heard

13:55 | Divergence in general practice across the four nations

Two decades of devolution have led to divergence of general practice in each nation of the UK. What are the challenges being faced and what can we learn from one another when it comes to the solutions?  This session is an exploration of the experience of family doctors in four different NHS systems.

14:25 | How to make friends and influence politicians: A GPs guide to influencing the big decisions in how general practice is run

A chance to hear from a cross party group of MPs and political advisers on how political decisions about the NHS and general practice really get made. They will be discussing how GPs can play a part in the political process and make sure their voices are heard.

Coffee break and networking

Plenary 6

Strengthening the profession

15:20 | Support for tomorrow’s leaders: what’s available for new GPs?

As a recently qualified GP,  Dr Emma Wong will discuss the support available for newly qualified practitioners and how this can be accessed. 

15:35 | What's so amazing about the RCGP Primary Care Development programme?

The RCGP is at the forefront of providing support directly to practices to develop primary care – from CQC inspection preparation to negotiating practice mergers and facilitating PCN development. The team is made up of dedicated GPs, Practice Managers, Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Allied Health Professionals and Coaches, each bringing their skills to bear to support quality improvement and facilitate change in general practice. Being truly multi-professional, and grounded in the reality of today’s healthcare pressures, we offer a unique expertise and experience to share the reality of the front line, and offer the support needed to provide great patient care.

Plenary 7


16:15 | Greener practices: today’s priority, not tomorrow’s

The climate crisis is a health crisis. As trusted professionals we have a responsibility to raise awareness about the impacts of climate change on health whilst also acknowledging the opportunities for healthier better lives. In this session we will look at the consequences of climate change on health, the challenges and strategies for successful behaviour change and offer simple practical solutions for busy clinicians working in general practice to make green changes now.

16:50 | Closing Remarks

AstraZeneca has provided a sponsorship grant towards this independent Programme. AstraZeneca has had no editorial input into or control over the agenda, content development or choice of speakers, nor opportunity to do so, except for the AstraZeneca sponsored symposia presentations.

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